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Bible Stories

Nov 22, 2023

It's episode 250! Listen in as we jump into Nehemiah chapter two. 

Nov 14, 2023

We pick up today's story in Nehemiah chapter 1 where were are introduced to a problem and a hero. 

Nov 3, 2023

We're back in Judges 8 and Gideon has successfully defeated Israel's enemies. However, he makes a choice that will forever taint his legacy. 

Oct 28, 2023

We're back with Gideon in Judges 6-8 and THINGS ARE HAPPENING! Gideon receives a couple of signs and then it's time for a "fight" with the Midianites. 


Oct 19, 2023

We're in Judges 6 today where we meet a hiding farmer named Gideon. He has an encounter with Jesus that changes his life.